Behind the Line

Heather | Founder & Designer

The Pippa France brand, named after Heather's Mom (the first high heels she ever wore), started off as a dream on paper back in 2008 while working on an assignment for an MBA Marketing program, although I don't think I really knew it then!  I thought I just wanted to study business, and by the time graduation came in 2010, I was dreaming of my own shoe line!  It was during the development of a Marketing Plan for a faux shoe line that caused the initial spark and for two years I thought, "hmmm.... I could really do this!"  Combine a lifelong love for shoes (pardon my awkward shell-tops phase in high school) and a background professionally in interior design where I developed a new obsession with printed fabrics, I got to work. 

Having lived in the Washington, DC area at the time, it was hard to find shoe making courses,  but I knew if I was going to do this, I'd do it right.  Hand-crafted luxury shoes with personality - THIS was the ultimate goal!  Took some time, but I finally located a group called The Cobblettes, out of NYC, that was teaching shoe-making to all levels.  I was given a strong taste of the art of shoe making, the craft and skill involved, and the materials and resources required - we are talking real Geppetto-style stuff!  It was incredible! 

Finally admitting to myself DC was just NOT the right place to nurture this dream properly, I took off to the great land of NYC permanently in 2012.  From there, it was three more years of slowly building the line to a point where I felt proud of the brand I was standing behind and our concept of lively prints on classic styles was strong!  The cherry on top was the belief my good friend and fellow-designer, Lindsay, had in this line and her natural inclination to join my family of one (now two!).

While still very small, we hope you enjoy the Pippa France line as we continue to grow and develop even MORE fabulously flirtatious printed women's shoes season after season. 

Lindsay | Co-Founder & Designer

My Pippa France journey began in 2011, when I joined Heather on her dream journey that had begun a few years earlier. We shared a passion for not only design, but also a love of fashion and shoes. With a strong background in graphics and media, my role stemmed from media management and eventually evolved into a successful partnership as Pippa France started to make moves! We have poured our heart and soul into this line, and to see even a single pair of our heels on a fashionista will make everything worth it!